For 15 years, we have challenged the market with products of which we have the absolute conviction it will outperform other offerings on every level. This mission began with ROOTS flame retardant workwear and shortly after translated into our footwear collection. Through years of experience, footwear is by no means a blind spot in our knowledge. More importantly, we are constantly speaking with our wearers to give us feedback to further enhance our products so we can remain to walk our talk.

Our footwear was initially designed with the offshore oil & gas worker as a point of departure. However, feedback from the market quickly taught us that our footwear was being worn in a much wider range of industries than originally designed for. For example, it became clear that our shoes needed better properties for protection against electrostatic discharges. Also, research led towards foot support improvements that reduce fatigue from being constantly on your feet. Hence, we introduced the industry-setting ROOTS Support Structure, an inlay sole system that ensures the most comfortable support depending on your foot type.



Iowa S3
Every component of our footwear serves a unique function that optimizes performance and comfortability, reducing fatigue. The Iowa boots are designed with this mindset at heart.
Mohawk S3
Mohawk is the mid low version of the Iowa boot. It embeds the same high quality standards.
Cheyenne S3
The renewed Cheyenne welding boot ensures safe discharge of any build-up electro static energy through its ESD-properties.



ROOTS Support Structure closes the space between the foot profile and the flatbottom of the shoe; by doing so, they have a preventive effect as regards pain and overstrain damages in the area of the knee, foot and hip. They are light, dynamic and provide pleasant support and excellent comfort.



Jumano S3
Based on the feedback our of wearers, ROOTS introduces a complete new lower model. As you’d expect from us it is without compromise on any safety standard. The Jumano also offers ESD properties and is suitable for our ROOTS Support Structure.
Cherokee S3
With all major safety and comfort properties ‘on board’ - the Cherokee offers excellent value for money.


Our high-quality flame retardant and arc flash protective garments are distributed and supported internationally through our trusted distributor network. Locate your nearest certified ROOTS distributor with our locator.




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