Experts in Arc Flash Protection, that's who we are.

We know that health, safety and wellbeing of your essential workforce is your number one priority. ROOTS cares deeply about the safety of anyone wearing our products, understanding the hazardous condition to which our garments need to offer protection drives us, like no other garment manufacturer, to go beyond the standard. That's why at the beginning of ROOTS in 2004 we pioneered having burn injury predictions and ATPV calorific ratings on all our garments and continue to do so.

Within the utilities and power generation sectors, an electric arc flash is considered as an everyday risk, this requires garments that do not compromise on any level detail. Our entire organisation is obsessively focused to develop innovative garments with unbeatable comfort, quality and protection.

Like no other flame retardant and arc flash protective clothing manufacturer, we profoundly comprehend the hazards of those who work in the utilities, power generation, industrial electrical, petrochemicals, rail, or other sectors. Of course, we also understand that each field may face different kind of hazards. These unique differences we take in to account at the early design phases of our garments.


When lives are at stake, don't just trust in an arc flash protection specialist,
trust in your ROOTS.

ROOTS have been blazing a trail with innovative arc flash and flame retardant protective clothing for many years. Many have tried to copy the ROOTS fabrics and garment designs, despite that some are good, most are very poor. From a distance, they may look alike, but our wearers know better. In the harsh environment our wearers operate, compromises on safety are not tolerated, and they will not settle for anything less, anything other than ROOTS. 


As specialists in Arc Flash and FR protective clothing we love to help make a complicated topic easy to comprehend. Our experts are at your disposal to discuss individual cases within all sectors. After all, we don’t just claim we know your business, we actually do. 


Ad van Nieuwkerk
Sales Director 

Scott Tonkin
Sales Manager UK