Our 10 differentiators.

Where other companies stop... ROOTS just begins!
Here you will read and learn about ten of our significant differentiators where ROOTS makes a difference.


When ROOTS formed in 2004, we were not comfortable at all with the ‘average’ Flame Retardant (FR) fabrics on offer in the marketplace. The poor quality, poor performance and poor comfort associated with most fabrics drove us to produce our very own FR fabrics and under our own control. To this day, ROOTS are the only major FR manufacturer that actually controls their own fabric production from start to finish.



During our fabric production process, we have implemented a world-class quality control system. After every produced batch, all ROOTS fabrics are tested in our laboratory for critical values such as tear strength, tensile strength, flame retardant properties, formaldehyde content and shrinkage. This is then identified by a unique number, which we call Cosort. This number is laced within the seam of every garment that we manufacture. This method protects the unique Cosort number from flash fire flames along with garment wear and tear. For this very reason, Cosort can truly be viewed as complete peace of mind for the employer and for the wearer!



At ROOTS we value safety above all else when it comes to our products, it is people’s lives that we can potentially save in the event of a catastrophe after all. We view our garments as a piece of safety equipment first and as corporate workwear second, this way of thinking demands a high level of quality and performance of our fabrics. This is why we feel that the extra quality control of a certified third party like SGS is invaluable and pushes us to make our products even better still.



ROOTS can provide every single customer with a plethora of information from garment certificates to manikin test results. We believe that with such a critical item of PPE, information overload is paramount. For that reason, we have also brought to the industry our very own ROOTS Academy Programme.




In extreme cases, flame retardant garments are called upon to protect against the hazards of an electric arc. Sharing and clarifying such vital and important knowledge topic is a key factor in our partnership with end users. For that reason, ROOTS has been granted the use of Ilmenau University in Germany. The other location that ROOTS uses for electric Arc seminars is the brand new Aitex laboratory in Valencia which is in fact the second facility in the world to perform accredited open arc tests (IEC 61482-1-1), whereas the Ilmenau seminar covers the merits of the electric Arc box test (IEC 61482-1-2).



Although the relatively ‘new’ EN standard EN ISO 11612 is already a huge improvement as compared to the ‘old’ EN531 it is still possible for garment makers to present products to the market place that are potentially unsafe. Customers ask for garments conforming with EN ISO 11612 for instance. What few people are aware of is that it is already possible to get certification according to this standard after 5 cycles of washing and 1 cycle of drying, whereas the life cycle of the garment could easily reach 50 cycles of laundering. One needs to dig deeper into the technical files behind the certificate to obtain this important information. This is relevant information because the use of FR chemicals is a significant part of the cost price for flame retardant fabrics. ROOTS EN ISO 11612 garments are certified against 50 cycles of washing and drying.



Everybody in the industry recognises that the two main reasons for wearing flame retardant workwear are for protection against the risks of a flash fire and the protection against electric arc. ROOTS has acknowledged the importance of protection against flash fires by means of the manikin test that gives clear evidence on the level of protection one can expect. The equivalent ARC protection equivalent of this is the box test and open ARC test.

Box test conforming to IEC 61482-1-2
People often refer to this test as the European electric arc test. This is not the fact as it is a global standard. The reason for this European assumption is the fact this test is rarely accepted outside the boundaries of Europe. This test is in fact very demanding and is carried out with a small switch box in which a short-circuit is enforced with two electrodes (one of aluminium the other of copper).



During the early days of our very successful business, ROOTS listened to customer concerns about not being able to get garments cleaned whilst working offshore. Oil based mud is one of the heaviest contaminants in the industrial market and is extremely difficult to remove from any FR garment. So, we rose to the challenge and developed our very own washing detergent; Clean At 60, which is proven to remove the heaviest of contaminants, including oil-based mud without deferring from the garment washing instructions. This is an ideal solution for any company washing garments on their own premises.



ROOTS continuously talks to and supports many laundry companies in order to make sure that ROOTS garments follow correct laundry procedures. We make laundry companies aware of the product’s potential purpose as a PPE item so that they too understand why ROOTS
garments have to be respected during their laundry cycle. Following our rigorous interview process within the world of laundry, ROOTS is pleased to offer its end users a choice of laundry companies. Laundry companies have proven that they can wash our garments in line with the garment laundry instructions.



ROOTS developed garments are the first line of defence against exposure to the thermal hazards of an electric arc, heat, flames, cold, and electrostatic properties. However, our clothing also provides protection against the harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays as all garments are tested and have a UPF of 50+.



As specialists in Arc Flash and FR protective clothing we love to help make a complicated topic easy to comprehend. Our experts are at your disposal to discuss individual cases within all sectors. After all, we don’t just claim we know your business, we actually do. 


Ad van Nieuwkerk
Sales Director 

Scott Tonkin
Sales Manager UK 


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