As ROOTS we pride ourselves on our high-quality fabrics that we have been able to create over the years. The development of this fabric can be dated back all the way back to the forming of ROOTS in 2004. When ROOTS was formed in 2004, we were highly dissatisfied with the state of all the ‘average’ Flame Retardant (FR) fabric on offer in the market. The poor quality, poor performance and poor comfort associated with most fabrics drove us to produce our very own Flame Retardant fabrics and under our own control. From the start of ROOTS in 2004 to this day, ROOTS are still the only major FR manufacturer that actually controls their own fabric production from start to finish

Fabric Ingredients

ROOTS fabrics are produced by using the very finest ingredients. After all, without a good fabric, you don’t have a good garment. That is why we use a superb cotton quality which offers incomparable wearer comfort, garment strength and product performance. The Flame Retardant treatment that we use is a very low odour, eliminating nuisance smells normally associated with flame retardant garments, leading to wearer rejection. All these ingredients put together and combined with our high demand for performance and strict quality control leads to our fabrics having the quality that it has today, high performance, high quality, colour fastness and superior comfort.

Fabric Composition

Our wide range of clothing leads us to have a multitude of different fabrics with different materials, treatments, weights and compositions. This creates another challenge in producing every variation of fabric to the same high standard that we demand of our garments. Every fabric is tested individually time and time again until we are satisfied and are certain that the quality of the fabric is up to ROOTS standards. We have fully cotton fabrics, cotton and polyester blends, modacrylic, cotton and nylon blends which we all subject to strict testing and quality control to get the best possible performance out of them.