We (ROOTS) have partnered with SGS (Société Générale de Surveillance), whom quality check our fabrics prior to every garment production. During every new batch of garments that we produce a sample of the used fabric is sent over to SGS for testing of the fabric flame retardancy (50 washing cycles), shrinkage (50 washing cycles), tear strength and tensile strength (5 washing cycles).

SGS is a world-class leader in fabric inspection, testing and certification and we are extremely proud to have built a partnership with such a renowned organisation. Following independent testing from SGS, only then do we allow our fabrics to be released for garment production. SGS testing is carried out on top of our own laboratory testing and is in every colour that comes out of production. Most other manufacturers of Flame Retardant garments would be satisfied with only the internal laboratory reports available from the weaver; a bit like a butcher testing his own meat!


Certified quality control

At ROOTS we value safety above all else when it comes to our products, it is people’s lives that we can potentially save in the event of a catastrophe after all. We view our garments as a piece of safety equipment first and as corporate workwear second, this way of thinking demands a high level of quality and performance of our fabrics. This is why we feel that the extra quality control of a certified third party like SGS is invaluable and pushes us to make our products even better still. This drive to keep improving has led us to create some of the best performing garments in the market with the lowest burn prediction, durability and high wearer comfort.

The following tests are always carried out;
• Fabric flame retardancy after 50 washing /drying cycles.
• Fabric shrinkage after 5 and 50 washing /drying cycles.
• Fabric tear strength after 5 washing /drying cycles.
• Fabric tensile strength after 5 washing /drying cycles.