During our fabric production process, we have implemented a world class quality control system. After every produced batch, all ROOTS fabrics are tested in our laboratory for critical values such as tear strength, tensile strength, flame retardant properties, formaldehyde content and shrinkage. This is then identified by a unique number, which we call Cosort. This number is placed within the seam of every garment that we manufacture. This method protects the unique Cosort number from flash fire flames along with garment wear and tear. This means that if anything were to happen to the garment we can trace the origins of the fabric that was used all the way back to the start. For this very reason, Cosort can be truly viewed as a complete peace of mind for the employer and for the wearer!


A new development since the end of 2012 is that ROOTS insists on product traceability on the flame retardant reflective tape that we use. Every batch of reflective tape (a single batch is 100.000 meters) has a unique number that corresponds with a lab report that fully backs up the quality. It is not only the Flame Retardant properties that are tested, but also a washing test ensuring that the tape keeps its reflective properties after 50 washing cycles. ROOTS is unique in this practice and is the only company that can give a detailed report of a fabrics entire lifetime.