Protection against the hazards of an electric arc

A new perspective, protective workwear against electric arc. These informative articles should contribute to a better insight with respect to the possibilities to protect the health, safety and wellbeing of your staff in the best possible manner against the hazards of an electric arc.

In its essence, the protection from the electric arc is not so much different from the protection against burn injuries that are caused by a flash fire. In both cases, it is the aim to protect wearers against thermal hazards that could result in 2nd degree burn wounds or worse. It is the nature of the hazard that makes flash fire protection different from electric arc protection.

ROOTS garments are meticulously designed, manufactured and tested for optimal protection against the thermal hazards of an electric arc and flash fires.




What's an Arc Flash?
An extremely lethal hazard which expels large amounts of deadly energy with temperatures reaching 20.000°C in merely half-a-second.
Why you should consider the right protection
Understand the do's and don't for protecting your essential workforce against the hazards of an electrical arc.
Protection through layers
The difference of protection levels between the 2-layer solution and the 3-layer solution can best be described as striking.
Why you should consider arc flash rated underwear
More employers are now providing arc rated t-shirts, and here's why you should consider it too.
Protection based on the NFPA 70E Standard
Protect and ensure the safest possible work environment through conducting an arc flash risk assessment.


As specialists in Arc Flash and FR protective clothing we love to help make a complicated topic easy to comprehend. Our experts are at your disposal to discuss individual cases within all sectors. After all, we don’t just claim we know your business, we actually do. 


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