The ROOTS product range is renowned for its outstanding body burn wound results when exposed to a flash fire. We also use the same fabrics for our arc flash protection range because, in a way, this is also a burn wound prediction but from a different hazard source.

In its essence, the protection against the thermal hazards of electric arcs is not much different from the protection against burn injuries caused by a flash fire. Similarly, the aim is to protect against thermal hazards that could result in a 2nd-degree burn wound or worse. It is the nature of the hazard that makes flash fire protection different from an arc flash protection.

Boost your protection performance

To offer better protection a layered combination of specialised Arc Flash protective garments can be worn to boost the overall protection level. The air gap between each layer of fabric is causing this result because it acts as an insulator. Therefore, wearing a multi-layered system yields better chances of surviving an electric arc incident.

The difference between the level of protection between the 2-layer solution (e.g. ATPV 26,8 cal/cm2) and the 3-layer solution (e.g. ATPV 51.9 cal/cm2) can be best described as remarkable, keeping in mind that there is not a genuine 3rd layer (FR underwear) with an own ATPV rating of 4.8 cal/cm2. This extra thin layer combined with the air gaps offers extra protection that is needed for a substantial increase in the total calorific rating result.

Notwithstanding, ROOTS advises conducting a risk assessment prior to selecting Arc Flash protective workwear. This is to assess the true Arc Flash hazards, in other words, to determine how big the bang would be. By calculating the potential energy released by an arc a more profound judgement can be made on the minimum protection value of ppe/garments.

Why you should consider arc flash rated underwear
More employers are now providing arc rated t-shirts, and here's why you should consider it too.


As specialists in Arc Flash and FR protective clothing we love to help make a complicated topic easy to comprehend. Our experts are at your disposal to discuss individual cases within all sectors. After all, we don’t just claim we know your business, we actually do. 


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