Our products provide safety for people and the planet

We design garments to protect our wearers in the toughest situations thinkable. We are as committed as ever to reduce our ecological footprint without ever needing to compromise on safety properties of our garments. We do so by manufacturing garments with only the highest quality fabrics. This inner urge has led to products that offer great longevity and tremendous value for money.

Our push for cutting-edge protective garments has led to a strong brand loyal group of wearers around the globe. We are also a market leader in the Dutch, UK and North Sea-offshore industry. Our efforts now spearhead our endeavours in the Middle East.

Fast-forward to today, we acknowledge that our day-to-day business practices will have some impact on our communities and we are dedicated to managing these. Therefore, we ask ourselves several bold questions. For example, can we produce garments which are perfectly regenerative by design? Can we minimize our impact on natural resources? Along designing our garments fundamentally different from other arc flash protective garment manufacturer this also includes looking for opportunities within our entire operations to work more efficient which in turn means we use fewer resources.

Our policies provide frameworks for reviewing our environmental objectives and enhancing performance. All our efforts are well documented, reviewed by external independent parties, and maintained.




For ROOTS the safety of our wearers is the top priority, the way to offer this safety is by delivering a quality product. That is why ROOTS has implemented the ISO standards and is ISO certified. The ISO series is a set of international standards on quality management and quality assurance developed to help effectively document the quality elements to be implemented to maintain an efficient quality system. By achieving our ISO certifications we want to demonstrate our commitment to the best practice, efficiency and sustainability that we can offer. Not only do these ISO certifications help us maintain a high-quality management system but it also helps us overcome numerous other challenges. It helps us comply with customer requirements and government regulations, protect our organisation through embedding quality and instituting the best practices, growing our organisation to help us extend customer reach and satisfaction.





Our believe towards a sustainable future made us to look critically at our corporate vehicle fleet policies. Hence, we have successfully joined the FIRA Platform as of 2014 which analysed our vehicle fleet and established achievable CO2-emission targets. By implementing a well thought-out green (electrification) fleet policy we both cut down costs and emissions whilst simultaneously yielding benefits for the fleet and communities.










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