ROOTS guarantees flame retardant properties after 50 washing cycles regarding standard work wear and 25 washing cycles regading rain wear. This is in line with the requirements for standards EN ISO 11611 and EN ISO 11612, which states that a manufacturer can determine the amount of washing cycles. ROOTS also incorporates embroidery and heat seal logos in its certifcation to fulfl the requirements regarding fame-retardant properties.

To preserve the fabrics strength and protective capacity, we strongly advice to follow our detailed care instructions.

  1. Always launder with coverall zippers closed.
  2. Remove all tools from pockets rinse properly after wash.
  3. Never wash flame retardant clothing with detergents containing bleach.
  4. After washing, tumble dry at 50°C to avoid excessive shrinkage.
  5. Do not iron directly over heat seal logos.

Whenever in doubt or in need of advice, ask your dry cleaner or contact us. We are here to help.



ROOTS Washing Powder
Oil based mud is one of the heaviest contaminants in the industrial market and is extremely difficult to remove from any garment. Hence, we developed our very own washing detergent; ROOTS Clean At 60.
Support of Laundries
We make laundry companies aware of the product’s potential purpose as a PPE item so that they too understand why ROOTS garments have to be respected during their laundry cycle.