This is for the Working Class Heroes

Some people might not believe in heroes, but truth to the matter is that heroes are amongst us all.

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Heroes are the ones who do what has to be done when it needs to be done. They take control in hazardous situations and won't settle for anything less than safe to ensure everyone around him will come home safe. They're the ones who reach for the stars when times are dark. You may find a hero within yourself or see someone else blaze a trail. Heroes empower others to become a hero too. Because we can all be heroes.

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For women in the industry, the perfect fit

At ROOTS, our customers’ trust means everything to us. We will never stop working to earn and maintain it through the development of garments that guarantee best in class safety performance for its wearer. No matter size, gender or gender our products provide you comfortable Arc Flash protection.

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Finding the perfect fit

Due to the lack of right fitting women’s garments, we noticed ladies being tempted to purchase small-sized men’s workwear as a compromise. Which lead to poorly fitted workwear – something that can be exceptionally hazardous in the workplace. The problem with oversized clothing is that it often leads to accidents whereby clothing is rolled up around the legs or sleeves. This easily gets trapped around machinery.

This acknowledgement empowered our designers to craft a selection of female fit range that’s worn in all industries: e.g. offshore, rail, utility, transportation and construction. Based on our experience and brand loyal users around the globe we invited women from all kinds of industries to work together with us to find the perfect fit. Designs are meticulously tailored to the women’s feedback ensuring comfortable, reliable, practical and above all a true ladies’ fit.

More and more ranges

Unlike other flame retardant workwear manufacturers we have been committed to providing protective garments to all. This is especially evident in the special-sizing, -fits and tailoring options we offer. Our first ladies fit coverall dates back a few years. This strong commitment drives us to continue adding ladies fit garments in all our product ranges.

Have you a buzzing question? We are here to help!

If you have a question regarding Arc Flash protection or garments that are available in a ladies fit. Please contact your Arc Flash Specialist; you may call us at +31(0)2955955 or e-mail:

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Discontinuation of the ROOTS Stormbuster Invincible

ROOTS offers a breadth of garments that protect your most essential workforce in harsh industrial and hazardous workplaces. To maintain the health of our product lines overall, it is necessary, on occasion, to reduce complexity and rationalize designs.

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On this notion, we herewith announce that our Stormbuster Invincible range (RO35-series) will be discontinued.

The discontinuation concerns the following products:
- RO3517 – Stormbuster Invincible Waterproof Parka
- RO3527 – Stormbuster Invincible Waterproof BIB
- RO3557 – Stormbuster Invincible Waterproof Bodywarmer
- RO3537 – Stormbuster Invincible Waterproof Trousers

We know that health, safety and wellbeing of your workforce is your number one priority. ROOTS cares deeply about the safety of anyone wearing our products, understanding the hazardous condition to which our garments need to offer protection drives us, like no other garment manufacturer, to go beyond the standard.

We henceforth recommend our other Stormbuster Classic Waterproof garments as the perfect replacement. It offers the same superb water repellency, the best breathability and uncompromised safety features.

Need advice?

If you need advice on Flame Retardant and Arc Flash Protective workwear. We are here to help. Contact us by e-mail or call us on: +31 (0)10 2955955; from 08:15 till 17:00 (GMT+1).

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Come visit us in Birmingham

We will be exhibiting our latest Flame Retardant and Arc Flash protective garments during the Utility Week Health and Safety Conference in Birmingham.

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Visit us at the UK's gas, water and electricity health & safety conference.

The Utility Week Health & Safety Conference will take place at the Birmingham Conference and Events Centre on December 6th, 2017. It's the only conference focused on health and safety within the UK's gas, water and electricity industries. The conference focuses on sharing knowledge to help you engage your workforce, prevent work-related illness and successfully manage risks.

As arc flash protection expert, ROOTS was invited to exhibit its latest flame retardant and arc flash protective garments to arm delegates with essential specialist knowledge. Such expertise is vital to the gas, water and electricity industries to keep your workforce safe and healthy. We know that's your number one priority.

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Launch of the new ROOTS website

We are happy to announce the new ROOTS website! It has been redesigned from the ground up to tremendously improve user experience, appeal, and information sharing. More importantly, there are many new features that will make it easier to quickly search and collect product information.

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The new design improves product overviews, searchability and usability. Products are categorized and segmented into 8 relating industries making it far easier to find products tailored to your specific needs. Also, our product pages contain much more detailed information and optimized navigation structures.

With the launch of the new website new features will continuously be added to improve user-friendliness and provide better more in-depth information on products. We invite you to connect with us on Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube to stay engaged and remain up-to-date with product updates, innovations, the Heroes of ROOTS, and the latest information. 

If you have questions, comments or suggestions please send them to

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ROOTS membership of Fair Wear Foundation

Fair Wear Foundation (FWF) is an independent, non-profit organisation that works with companies and factories to improve labour conditions for garment workers. FWF’s 80 member companies represent over 120 brands and are based in seven European countries. Member products are sold in over 20.000 retail outlets in more than 80 countries around the world. FWF is active in 15 production countries in Asia, Europe and Africa.



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