EN 13034:2005 + A1:2009

Protective clothing against liquid chemicals - performance requirements for chemical protective clothing offering limited protective performance against liquid chemicals (type 6 and type PB[6] equipment)

This document specifies the minimum requirements for limited use and re-useable limited performance chemical protective clothing. Limited performance chemical protective clothing is intended for use in cases of a potential exposure to a light spray, liquid aerosols or low pressure, low volume splashes, against which a complete liquid permeation barrier (at the molecular level) is not required.

This document covers both chemical protective suits (Type 6) and partial body protection (Type PB [6]). Chemical protective suits (Type 6) cover and protect at least the trunk and the limbs, e.g. one-piece coveralls or two piece suits, with or without hood, boot-socks or boot-covers. This document specifies minimum requirements for the connections between different parts of Type 6 suits by the use of a reduced whole suit spray test.

Partial body protection of similar limited performance (Type PB [6]) covers and protects only specific parts of the body, e.g. coats, aprons, sleeves etc. They should not be tested to the whole suit test.

Fabric must meet class 3 repellency for at least one of the 4 chemicals and class 2 for penetration against at least one of the 4 chemicals.

Type 6 chemical protective suits shall fulfil the requirements of a modified spray test, when combined with additional protective equipment (i.e. for protection of hands, feet, face, head, respiration) as specified in the manufacturer’s instructions. Partial body protection items (Type PB [6]) shall not be tested according to a modified spray test.

This type of garments are always Category III, so the information label must state CE + number of the Notified Body, i.e. 0493 for Centexbel, responsible for conducting the production monitoring according to either article 11a or 11b of the directive.








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