A durable garment is one that lasts you a long time, a quality garment is one that offers you the highest safety, ROOTS offers both. ROOTS has been about providing the highest quality products with uncompromised safety from the start. Safety is our mindset, that is what we do best. Delivering quality products is one thing but being able to make them durable is another thing entirely.

We start out with our product design, every ROOTS garment is created with safety in mind but that doesn’t mean that it can’t also be durable. When creating a durable garment you can’t just copy and paste one design on to the next, change the fabrics and add small bits and bobs here and there. Every single ROOTS garment is thought out by our design department who take time to research, test and experiment with different materials and techniques that best fit the line of work that the garment is suited for. We place seams in different positions that strengthen our garments while also increasing the comfort of the wearer. We triple stitch our garments to reinforce them in crucial areas all while not hindering the wearer. Everything from the studs and zipper to the kneepad pockets and radio loops have been carefully considered and placed as to produce a product that will last through even the harshest and most rigorous working conditions.

For ROOTS durability not only means that a garment lasts long, it means being able to use your garment for the first time, the second, third and even the fiftieth time while maintaining the same safety standard all the way throughout. In our business, this can be measured in washing cycles. Some of our competitors test their fabrics after 5 washing cycles, but is that enough? No is the short answer. When buying a garment that is only tested after 5 washing cycles you buy into a guarantee that it will perform for 5 washing cycles, but what then? Would you throw away a seemingly fine coverall after laundering it 5 times? Of course, you wouldn’t but what guarantee is there that the garment will perform the same way it did like the first time after laundering it 10 times or 20? There isn’t because it isn’t tested for that. This means that wearers could be walking around in a potentially unsafe garment which in a case of a catastrophe can, and has led to serious injury and even death.

This is why at ROOTS we test all our fabrics after 50 washing cycles, this way we can guarantee that your garment will offer the same protection no matter if you have washed it once or fifty times. We chose 50 cycles because it is a number that offers peace of mind. In normal working situations, garments rarely get to that number because of the harsh environments and conditions they are subjected to which means that they will most likely need to be replaced before that.
Some garment makers claim that they can guarantee flame retardancy of their products for a ‘lifetime’. Ok, so how long is a lifetime? Is it 5 washing cycles? 50? 100 perhaps? A lifetime guarantee for FR rated workwear is a fairy tale and a potentially life-endangering one because again, what guarantee do you have that the garment will perform the same way it did after 50 cycles as it did after 5? Don’t trust fairy tales, trust your ROOTS.