EN 343:2003 + A1:2007
EN ISO 20471:2013
EN 1149-5:2008
EN 13034:2005 + A1:2009
EN ISO 14116:2008
IEC 61482-1-1:2009
Stormbuster Classic Hi-Vis


When it comes to needing the ultimate protection against serious foul weather, then look no further than the ROOTS Stormbuster Classic range of waterproofs.

ROOTS Stormbuster Classic achieves the maximum water resistant and breathability standard (3/3) and remains extremely lightweight and flexible with magnificent comfort properties.

The majority of the ROOTS Stormbuster Classic garments come with the EN 471 hi-vis certificate in either orange/navy or yellow/navy colour combination. 

When it comes to FR protection in foul weather wear, ROOTS Stormbuster Classic performs exceedingly well on the manikin test, with only 4.4% body burn prediction. Note; this test is taken without FR clothing or FR underwear underneath ROOTS Stormbuster Classic! A layered clothing system would without doubt get an even lower body burn prediction.

Even though ROOTS Stormbuster Classic did meet the old EN 533 and EN 531 standards we decided (for the right reasons) to move with the times and certify the range to EN ISO 14116.

  • Pain 9.6%
  • 1st° Burn 0.9%
  • 2nd° Burn 1.8%
  • 3rd° Burn 2.6%
  • 2nd° + 3rd° Burn 4.4%
  • ATPV (Arc Thermal Performance Value) rating 25.9 cal/cm2
  • HAF (Heat Attenuation Factor Factor) 90.7%